Aabhasa Saga

After the grand success of Marigold, Shilpa launches another sister brand - Aabhasa. Aabhasa was born of the need to have an Indian alternative of international quality in watches that matches in boldness the avant garde clientele of India.

How do we know God? Through the magnificence of the mountains. The seduction of the night sky. The songs of the mystics. The flock of birds that move in perfect harmony. We know God through His reflections - an Aabhasa, a sense of a presence.

Aabhasa is a tribute to that presence - the God in us. No one has seen Him, but He manifests in those who believe in themselves - in the glint of their eyes, the confidence in their stride, the charisma they exude. Their arrival needs no trumpets. It just creates that moment of anticipation that something larger than life is going to arrive. That is Aabhasa - Effortlessly Bold.